Urban Woods by Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects

The majority of us would wish to be able to bring nature in their homes. Some try to do that by including plants and flowers into their interior and exterior design while others are in a continuous search for unusual pieces of furniture that allows them to fulfill their dreams. Others are more drastic and they choose to move their house in the middle of nature where they can enjoy its beauty whenever they want. But most of us are stuck in the city where it’s harder to make all that happen. However, there seems to be a way. It’s drastic and very unusual and we’re going to describe it in this article.

What we’re talking about was called Urban Woods and it’s a structure designed by Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects. It’s basically a wooden structure that wraps a building in a very unusual way. It attempts to recreate the impression that you’re living in the forest, even though outside it’s still the busy city. The idea is very clever and impressing in the same time. So, as you can see, the structure seems to be a chaotic conglomerate of wooden pieces. They act as a shield that wraps the building and offers a very distinguished look.

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This unusual assemblage of wood offers personality and a distinguished identity to the otherwise simple and common building. Since the exterior structure is made of wood, its appearance changes with time and this only makes it even more interesting for the viewers.



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