Urban Residence in La Jolia by Jonathan Segal

The Prospect house is located in La Jolia, San Diego, California, on a 7200 square-foot lot. The area was an abandoned brown-field site that had stayed vacant since 1992. Jonathan Segal saw the potential in that place and decided to build a home for him and his family there. The new building was supposed to be a private, urban residence where they can enjoy some quality time together.

Since he was the owner and the architect as well, he had a lot of freedom and was able to design the new house just the way he wanted. It was going to be the perfect dream home. The house has many glass details, which allows the natural light to come inside and created a vast and open space. The main living area is surrounded by a reflecting pool on one side and a glass floor on the other. Below there are the office and recreation rooms. The glass floor-to-ceiling is a very interesting and unique detail.

The house also features a private garden, a little corner of nature where the owners can plant flowers and small trees and where they can enjoy the sunny days. Because the house has so many large windows and glass floor/ceiling, the boundaries between open and closet spaces are not that rigid anymore. The whole place seems inviting and open.

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