Urban Jungle Meets Modern Architecture In A Sao Paulo Weekend House

Completed in 2013, this modern weekend house by architectural studio SPBR has three layers, three different floors with three different designs.With a total of 1970 square feet of living space, the house manages to let the indoors and outdoors communicate in a very natural and stylish way.

Water is a very important element in the design and architecture of this residence. It’s one of the nature-related elements that were used to make the house feel like an exotic and relaxing retreat in the middle of the city.

Nature almost seems to take over some of the spaces. There’s a lot of green here and living spaces are harmoniously combined with gardens to create an overall peaceful, fresh and zen feel.

The house has three floors, each with a different function. They can be easily identified from the outside thanks to their unique design and architectural characteristics.

Because this is a weekend house, the architects wanted it to feel and look different from the usual houses in the city. It feels more like an oasis, like a retreat you’d expect to see somewhere in a deserted area surrounded by nothing but lush vegetation.

The gardens forms the majority of the project. They’re one of the three defining elements along with the swimming pool and solarium. Everything else is complementary. Elements which are usually considered secondary are fundamental in this case.

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The ground level is a huge garden designed in a modern and simple way, featuring sleek and simple lines and resembling a greenhouse.

The intermediate level is the apartment level, where all the living spaces can be found. It sits in between the garden floor and the rooftop swimming pool.

The staircase that connects the three floors only has the blue sky above it. It’s a combination of metal and glass which in this case was both a practical and stylish choice considering the overall design and style.

The apartment volume feels very private and enclosed compared to the other two volumes. A neutral color palette and pure materials keep it simple, modern and basic.

Glass walls connect the living areas and the garden spaces, ensuring a harmonious balance between the two functions.

The rooftop swimming pool and the solarium and parallel volumes with a gap in between where the staircase is also located.

Tall trees rise above the residence and offer it a certain level of privacy but don’t completely obstruct the views. From up here the whole city can be admired and yet the house doesn’t feel like a part of it.



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