Upside-down house by Hutchison & Maul Architecture

With so many unique and out-of-the-box designs out there, it;s hard to create a house that stands out these days. Yet architects manage to impress us every day. In the case of this interesting-looking house, it’s not the sleek minimalism or sculptural beauty that impresses but the whole concept behind the design.

This upside down house was designed by Hutchison & Maul Architecture. It was a challenging project completed in 2008 in Seattle, Washington. The house occupies an area of 242 square meters and was designed for a small family with two children. It was constructed on the foundation of a single-story bungalow from the post-war period.

The reason why we call this an upside down house is because of the placement of all the living spaces. Areas usually occupied by private spaces are in this case public zones and the other way around. The main level houses the bedrooms and the bathrooms while the living area, the dining room and the kitchen occupy the second floor. A skylight is placed at the center and illuminates the whole interior.


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