Upgraded Farmhouse in France by Gérard Faivre

Le Mas des Isords is a sumptuous residence in Provence, France. Redesigned by Gérard Faivre, who is a decorator, designer and agent, this farmhouse became the ultimate retreat. With seven bedrooms and bathrooms this house is a splendid place to call home.

Siting on a 15-acre site this property is a true oasis, that has gorgeous landscaped gardens. If you want to relax after a stressful day, the garden is the perfect place to be in, due to its uniqueness. The designer created a wonderful space, without having to compromise the house’s architecture. This incredible property also features a lap-length swimming pool, tennis court and stables.

Keeping in mind its architectural tradition, Gérard Faivre added modern elements to his colossal design. The house presents luxurious features, such as a double-sided fireplace, state of the art stainless steel appliances, comfortable furniture and bold accents, that make it a stunning retreat.

Without any doubt Le Mas des Isords is a truly incredible property.


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