Upcycled Shipping Containers – Affordable Housing for Low Income People

If you think about shipping containers, you don’t really get the image of a livable place. First of all, the material of which they are made (steel) has a very small chance to convey a positive, warm feeling. But just as there would be no good without evil, living in a shipping container has both good and bad parts. We also have an article that will provide more information on this topic.

Atira Women’s Resource Society came up with a solution for Vancouver’s social housing problems. Turning shipping containers into homes that are especially designed for low-income people, now this is a lesson about how to be economic and efficient at the same time! This is how you create new homes, new lives and new hopes for people who have the greatest need of all these.

Twelve shipping containers were used to design the two buildings. Each building has three floors.  A single container has somewhere around 290 square feet, and incorporates a living room or bedroom, a small kitchen, a bathroom and laundry facilities. What else could you need?

These apartments have a message for us: the amount of space we have is not so important, what really matters is how well we manage to use it. The containers are very well insulated with spray foam and on the inside they used drywall to maintain a common look. Large windows were used to provide natural light during day.

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I have to admit that these apartments have a special charm and a nice homey feel. I would definitely see myself living in a place like that. Let’s not forget that shipping containers buildings are cost-effective and eco-friendly! Should I mention that the full amount of money for each of the 12 containers was 82,500$, while a similar project made of concrete reaches the amount of 220,000$?



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