Unusual Residence by AUAU Architecture

This unusual residence features a very distinguished look and a simple but eye-catching architecture. It’s located in Seto, Japan and it’s a project developed by AUAU Architecture. It was built in 2010 and it has a contemporary look emphasized by the simplicity of the materials and the very neat and clean exterior design.

YSY is a two-storey residence with an asymmetrical form and a very interesting and functional delimitation of the living areas. The idea was to create a small house with a contemporary look that would allow the owners to stay in close touch with nature and the landscape. The house features a semi-open entrance and several other fixtures that allow beautiful views to the outside world. There are several large windows, especially one in the kitchen that allows a generous view to the city below.

To maintain the openness of the whole structure, there are several changes in levels that create a dynamic interior design that allows more freedom of movement and a more interesting design. It’s all part of the contemporary look that needed to be achieved. There;s a mezzanine loft as well as a kitchen/dining area on the first and single floor. The whole house is wrapped in a matte-white material that creates an artistic look and further increases the contemporary finish. It’s a great residence for a small young family that needs a dynamic and interactive place to live.

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