Unusual Mountain Home in Portugal

It is assured that everybody including me would love to own the house after the first glance itself. The architecture of the house has been borrowed from the Stone Age period. The amazing unusual house has been constructed in a peaceful and pastoral area of Portugal.

The hill house is marked with impressive stone house exteriors and also boosts untarnished and unobstructed scenic views of grass covered valleys and mountains. Besides featuring its irregular structure, the house has also been embedded with various traditional house elements. Shingled roof and charming windows perfectly enhance the mesmerizing look of the house.

It’s definitely a unique and intriguing design. It reminds of the Flintstones’ house. But I hope the interior is not similar to that one too. The Flintstones had some very interesting features and items, but they were also living in a different time, plus they were cartoon characters.

I don’t know how the interior of this house looks like but hopefully it’s comfortable and beautiful. It must be hard to have to furnish a house that looks like this. It could be an interesting idea to create a very strong contrast: simple and rudimentary on the outside and modern and sophisticated on the inside. The location of this house is perfect for relaxation. It could very well be the perfect getaway place where you can refuge to relax, feel calm and release the stress.{ photo credit: Jsome1 }

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