Unusual house in Tokyo by Torafu

This unusual and eye-catching house is located in Tokyo, Japan and it was designed and built by Torafu. The site measures 230 sqm while the house only occupies 67.35 sqm. It was designed in 2007 and built in 2008. It’s situated in a quiet residential area where the houses are usually less impressive.

The neighboring houses are lined very close together and the one nearby is facing south and it’s a two-storey building sitting on a higher ground. That represented a problem for the new construction, since it was almost impossible to let in light from the south. Moreover, the new houses needed to be a one-storey structure.

Even though the site presented some challenges, in the end everything worked out. The roof lets in light through the glass, a very ingenious solution. The main living area is quite small and measures only 7.5 x 7.5 meters. Nevertheless, the architects managed to separate it from the kitchen and bedrooms by using the different heights of the ceiling. In the area where the ceiling is highest are located the kitchen, bathroom and sanitation facilities. The other spaces are visually separated from each other but still allow members to feel close.

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The exterior, the walls and ceiling are painted white, creating the impression of a larger space. The floor and the built-in furniture are made of medium-density fiberboard, seeming like a homogenous structure.{found on Daici Ano and found on archdaily}



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