Unusual House in Hiroshima by Office of Kimihiko Okada

This is the Toda House, an imposing construction designed by Office of Kimihiko Okada. The building is located in Hiroshima, Japan and has a very impressive and eye-catching design. It was built on a 90.21 square meter area in a residential area from Hioshima. The house overlooks the Inland Sea and Miyajima.

The house really stands out in the area since there aren’t many similar buildings there or anywhere else in the world. It’s a very original and unique construction. The client had some very specific requests regarding the design of the house. It has to offer views over the neighboring house and to stand one level lower. It also had to be a secure residence and to leave some space for potential extensions as the owner wishes to open a small shop there sometime in the future.

In order to make all those wishes come true, the architects decided to completely lift the house from the ground. In some aspects it resembles a bird house. The proportion s are of course larger. This way the house offers panoramic views over the surrounding landscape, it’s far from any disturbance on the ground level, it offer better security up there and it also has an interesting design. The roof is one continuous plate and the access is made through a penetrating staircase.{pics by Toshiyuki Yano and found on archdaily}

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