Unusual building façade in Mexico City

Every now and then an unconventional designer or architects decides to create something spectacular, something we’ve never seen before and that isn’t necessarily practical or beautiful but that is just unusual and intriguing. It’s the case of Hesiodo, a very strange building designed by Hierve-Diseñería in Mexico City.

The interior of this building is not that unusual, but it’s the façade that is so intriguing. It’s definitely an innovation in this domain.The façade of this building it’s been made up of 7,723 blown glass spheres. It’s not something you would expect to see when looking at a building. The decision has been a very radical one, as this detail may either be loved or hated. It’s not the most practical r functional choice. The spheres often interfere when you’re trying to look u the window, maybe to see someone or just to admire the view. In this case they obstruct your view and makes easy things more difficult. Also, the glass spheres seem very difficult to clean up. You might have to wait for the rain to do this job.

Even though there are clearly several disadvantages related to this particular design, the façade remains a very eye-catching structure and a an art piece to some extent. It’s unusual and intriguing and some people are often looking for that when choosing a home.

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