Unusual Artist’s Holiday Retreat

A famous photographer  in Australia , called Marian Drew has a wonderful retreat for a perfect holiday in the woods. The idea started from the family’s trips to that area.Later, they wanted to create a luxury camp side among the mature trees  and palms near the ocean, at the Seventeen Seventy , a town on the east Australian coast. The project looks a bit unusual and was done by Anthill Contructions.

Those cylindrical areas look more like a living module from the international space station than a traditional building but the combination is interesting, offering an organic shape among wild nature, a friendly design with few straight lines to interrupt the  beautiful natural  setting.

The interesting pods for sleeping and living were build 500 km away from the construction site an transported  along with the bath house on the site. The prefabricated parabolic  roof and deck structures were erected on site connecting various pods through the central outdoor living and dining area. This particularly arrangement offer privacy and also maximizes the dynamism of the indoor/ outdoor settings for a wonderful experience out in the nature. For finishing, simple materials, like timber and other low-finished materials  were used.

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The idea is to connect as much as you can with the surrounding landscape and to live in harmony with nature. That is way rainwater tanks, solar hot water and electrical panels were also included in the design to create a non-invasive and largely self sufficient facility in the middle of the nature.



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