Unusual and eye-catching structure by Tommie Wilhelmsen

This unusual and eye-catching structure is actually a cabin. It’s not the typical, traditional, cozy cabin but a more contemporary and updated version of that one. The Dalene Cabin was a project by Tommie Wilhelmsen and it’s located in Rennesøy, Norway.

The exterior design of this house is extremely beautiful. It’s an impressive example of contemporary architecture. The design of the cabin is simple, minimalist even. It also resembles very much the standard lines of contemporary structures. Still, it’s impressive and beautiful and even more eye-catching since the rest of the houses in the area are more traditional.

The house is beautiful on the outside and the interior is not bad either. Still, there’s not a lot of connection between the interior and exterior. It’s almost like there are two different structures there. The interior is fresh and elegant. It’s also very inviting and this brings the house closer to the typical cabin that we all know. The furniture is beautiful and classic.

The details and decorations are also very well chosen. Notice how the cabin is not resumed only to the main structure, the one that is visible from the street. The usable space extends outside and goes now through the stairs. It’s unusual and innovative. Also, it’s located on a very beautiful site that offers splendid views. This, together with the large windows and glass walls make the perfect combination.{found on archdaily}

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