Unobstructed Views Of The Ocean From A Beach House In New York

The Sea is the name of this impressive beach house built by West Chin Architects in Long Beach, New York. The house measures a total of 5,500 square feet and, as you can see, it looks very imposing. It was designed to take full advantage of its location and of the views.

The architects tried to include as many outdoor areas as possible and, you can see here, there are a number of balconies, terraces as well as an outdoor dining area with a bar and a lounge area by the pool.

The interior is bright and airy, with an inviting sitting area featuring white furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The split level design visually delimits the different zones and functions while also allowing the spaces to remain connected. Subtle barriers are also creates with the help of area rugs in shades slightly different than that of the flooring.

The kitchen sits on a raised plan and has a very simple design. There are two parallel surfaces, one which serves as a prep area and a bar and the other with similar functions. The appliances are built-ins and the color palette mainly based on white and gray allows the space to feel bright.

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The high ceiling is accessorized with gorgeous pendant lights and tiny built-in fixtures which create a breezy mood throughout.

Bold bursts of color can be seen here and there. They are meant to add dynamism to the décor and to bring cheer into the house.

The glass walls allow unobstructed views of the ocean to be admired from the living room. They become part of the interior décor.

The staircase wall is one of the most exquisite features in the house. Beautiful 3D blue butterflies of different sizes adorn the wall and look absolutely stunning.

As you go down the stairs, a second living area reveals itself, this time with a darker color palette. The comfortable chairs complement the purple rug and the coffee tables tie everything together.

Although very casual, the space also has a sophisticated glow. The balance of colors and the whole décor are in perfect harmony.

The living space is directly connected to the outdoor lounge areas and, although the transition is very smooth and seamless, there is a clear distinction between the two zones.

A similar connection can also be seen between the bedroom and the covered balcony. The sliding glass door is the only barrier between the two.

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With such gorgeous views of the ocean, it’s no wonder all the rooms of the house get to take advantage of them. The bathroom is no exception, featuring a gorgeous design with simple but exquisite accent details.

Step outside and enjoy the bliss. The landscape unfolds before your eyes and all you have to do is take it all in. The wooden fence offers privacy but also serves as an element of contrast in combination with the rest of the design and the array of materials and colors used here.



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