Unique Water House in Amsterdam

There is nothing new in having water houses, as these kind of houses have always been popular, especially in the places where there is a lot of water like on the river banks or on the seashore. Netherlands is one of the countries where people prefer living in such buildings because most of the country territory is below the sea level and they only have land because they built strong dams. But they are always in danger of having their land invaded by water, so they ‘d rather be cautious when building their homes.

Any way, the most usual water house is on the boat, a floating boat or maybe a wooden house built on some wooden poles that turns into a floating house when the water level is high. But this kind of house can now be very modern and nice looking because architects were inspired and wanted to bring some style into this kind of house, too. The best example is this unique water house that is located in Amsterdam, the famous city that is built mostly on water.

The architects (+31 Architects) gave up the traditional material and used aluminum instead of wood. It is lightweight as well, but it is a bit more glamorous and shiny and also modern. The interior walls are plastered with white plastic and you can find only modern furniture in there. The house opens on Amstel River and you can go out on the terrace and even on the shore through the wide sliding glass doors.

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You will find all the necessary rooms in the two stories of the building and you will notice that the rooms are full of light thanks to the big windows and wide skylights. This is  a  new way of taking and old way of living.



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