Unique Urban House Facade Design by 24H Architects

Natural phenomena have always showed us their power and the marvelous things they can create. The erosion of rocks produced by rain and wind is a common phenomenon which can be noticed everywhere. The result of this erosion is represented by the appearance different types of forms and shapes of relief which seem to amaze us all the time. The canyons are among these forms which offer us great views. If you go to America, the Grand Canyon is a place which you cannot miss.

24H Architects were inspired by this type of relief and designed some urban houses in Nieuw Leyden, in the north of the city of Leyden, in Netherlands. Among these houses there are two ecological ones. The building block consists of 18 houses which are designed by different architects.

24H Architects used the so- called “canyon” for their design in order to get the highest level of natural light inside the house.The interior presents some walls of the canyon which help to divide the house in different areas. Thus the “canyon” is present all over the place. There are areas when the canyon becomes transparent so that it can filter the daylight.The exterior façade is an echo of the interior canyon and looks like a real canyon or a beautiful and huge drawing made by someone on the façade of a house.

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Corten steel was used for the “canyon” while for the rest of the façade it was used certified wood. The natural wood color creates a warm interior and a lovely exterior too.{found on contemporist}.



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