Unique House on Re Island

Once you see this building from outside, you will probably share the general impression, that of a charming building of the 17 th century, but when you see the interior, the perspective changes: the structure and the inside definitely belongs to nowadays and the key word is art.

This world seems to be one of the best models of style and serenity, with its traditional exterior, with an intact facade that preserves the aesthetics of the area, with a garden and pool that create a calm and arranged atmosphere. The columns brought from Sumatra give a unique air, but in fact, the entire environment reveals identity and a romantic air, but also clarity and light.

The entrance seems to be guarded by an anthropomorphical figure, but nothing is more appropriate for this holiday sanctuary located near La Rochelle. This spacious house is a testimony of the past if we look at the facade, while the surrounding atmosphere can be characterized with a few words: silence, beauty, nature. The interior is an example of actuality, with wide spaces and refinement that provide new perspectives over life.

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Everything is under the pattern of transparency and light, clarity and luminosity. No matter where you find yourself, art seems to witness everything; the statues are a permanent presence that adds a plus of personality, just like the two great faces in the garden that seem to protect this unique space. Every little thing exists to make people feel at ease and enjoy the place with all its beautiful parts.{found on nuevo-estilo}.



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