Unique House in Florida by Juan Carlos Ricardes

Today we are pleased to present you an unique house in Tampa, Florida. Designed by Argentinian architect Juan Carlos Ricardes this contemporary house surprises with its exterior. The building presents itself as a massive white concrete volume with an original geometry, unexpected entrances and asymmetrically placed windows.

From the exterior the house catches your eye due to the amazing details and unique shapes. The interior is very modern as well and has a great connection with the surrounding environment. The walls throughout the entire house are white, an aspect which gives it the feeling of a light, airy space. The huge windows flood the rooms with natural light and allow you to enjoy beautiful nature views.

You can see a lot of modern elements, such as the state of art stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, the display boxes incorporated in the walls of the bedroom, the beautiful accent tile in the bathroom. Furthermore the living area benefits from a gorgeous fireplace, perfect for those cold nights. The house presents elegant details like dark wood paneling in the ceilings, glass and steel counter tops in the kitchen, recessed covered driveway.

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To conclude, this unique house feels like a warm and welcoming place, dullness being taken out of the design.



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