Unique House Design by Colizza Bruni Architecture

Front to Back Infill is an animated house located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Designed by Ottawa-based studio, Colizza Bruni Architecture, this home presents two small yet spacious light-filled houses.

This three-story modern house was designed by two architects, each designing one of the homes and then working together to fuse the two into one another. Their idea was to place the two buildings front to back instead of the traditional side to side. The architects had a challenge which was to create two affordable homes for two separate owners. They succeeded in creating a masterpiece that fulfills the clients’ needs.

As you can see this superb residence looks like taken out of a movie. It is contemporary, it is luxurious and it has the perfect balance. Throughout the entire place you can find soft, neutral tones that create the feeling of a bright, airy space. Sheets of transparent glass separate the stairs, allowing light from the third floor skylight to flood the house. This chic home has a lot to offer, like the multitasking and multifunctional stainless steel appliances or the sleek fireplace.

All in all, the Front to Back Infill is a gorgeous house that exceeds everyone’s expectations. It is an innovative project that will leave you speechless. What do you think?

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