Unique Concrete House with Unique views by Ungertreina

If you have the chance to admire one of the most spectacular views in the world, somewhere high aboveLakeLucerne, there are the views of the water and theAlpsfrom a great contemporary house and then you can consider yourself among the luckiest people in the world. The house in the photo was designed by Ungertreina and this says everything if we think about the motto of this company, which sees architecture as “an obligation in the cultural, social and economic sense” .

No matter the aspect we analyze related to Villa Am See, we get to the same conclusion: it is a perfect sculptural and dynamic appearance and it has everything your mind could require from a house. Each of the three residential volumes has its layout, each of the thick glass walls focuses on a different perspective of a breathtaking panorama. And if these aspects have not convinced you yet, there are other elements which will definitely impress even the most critical eye.

For example, the exposed concrete walls and the lighting create an unreal atmosphere, the interior design varies from one box to another, but in all the cases, the living space is modern, stylish, with minimalist details. All car lovers will be delighted to see the garage, which hosts the owner’s Porsche collection beyond the massive steel garage door. Every object in this house breathes luxury, elegance, no matter the shape, the color or the size; as if everything was chosen in order to meet the expectations of such a wonderful landscape, from the building to the smallest detail.

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