Unique Concrete House Design by BAK Architects

Here’s a very interesting and unique home that looks nothing like the usual family home you’re used with. That’s because it’s not a family home but more like a retreat, a place where someone can go to clear their minds and to be alone with their thoughts. Of course, you could do that in a regular home, but it wouldn’t be the same feeling. The Frantz House was designed by BAK Architects and it’s located un Mar Azul,Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

A very interesting detail about this place is that it’s a concrete house. This means it’s made entirely of concrete, which is a little weird and it might also feel unpractical to some people. Also, the concrete makes it almost impossible to hang pictures or art on the walls. However, when you take a closer look at this house you realize that there’s no need to add those things. There are trees growing through the house which an amazing detail. The barrier between inside and outside is no longer existent and there’s a natural and very soft combination of the two spaces.

The house almost looks like it embraces the trees, making them part of the design. It’s a very interesting and unique combination. However, the concrete doesn’t really seem like a very good choice for a home. In fact, this place looks more like an office than like an inviting and warm home.

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