Unique Belgian corner house

Graux & Baeyens Architects are “responsible” for the 19 th century corner house, located at the Muide waterfront area, in Gent,Belgium. It provides a unique view on the old city harbor clocks of Ghent, but the essence was conserved by means of the facade, the stairwell and the roof truss, each being a rough coat for the new spaces.

Both the rooms and the living spaces were conceived as a stack of volumes, a white sculpture in the existing casing. The interior is the interplay of original and new elements, the contrast being enhanced by colors and textures. The so- called G-S House looks like a conventional terraced house, with bedrooms on the ground floor, lounge on the first floor, while the kitchen and the dining room can be found on the top floor.

The initial intention was accomplished, the symbiosis between contemporary residential living and the charm of the 19 th century Belgian corner house being a total success. It is the kind of house with everything you might think of, including an enclosed patio. If at first when you look at the building, the house does not seem to reveal too much, once you step in, you enter a new universe, made of both original and new elements, no matter where you look.

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The view over the old city harbor clocks of Ghentis one of a kind; every room is modern and the black and white contrast seems the perfect solution for this space with wide windows that provide a unique perspective over the outside world.{found on archdaily}.



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