Unique and Comfortable California Loft

Usually, many people think that it’s necessary to have a house far from civilization and crowded cities to relax and enjoy every moment with family and friends. Located in West Hollywood, California, Orange Grove house designed by BROOKS + SCARPA Architects proves us the contrary.

This five-unit loft project is the perfect example that a family can live in comfort in a neighborhood near the excitement of Hollywood. Although the building has a different material palette and scale from the other ones around, it is very important that it doesn’t stand out too much, to disturb the balance.

However, the house has a unique design; it seems to be composed by two opposite but identical buildings connected by a black area in the middle of the structure. Inside, we can see a big and airy open space decorated in an eclectic style. The big walls and ceilings are painted in white to create the illusion of a bigger and brighter space, while the floors are made of stained concrete. Big sliding glass doors and windows allow the light in, but also give the opportunity to enjoy the views.

The living area is very simple decorated with some minimalist chairs and a small coffee table on a black carpet. On a higher level, separated from the living room, there is the kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and white modern furniture, and also the dining area. To reach the upper floors, the house has a simple but useful staircase made of steel and wood, the only warm material from the entire house.

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