Unconventional house project in Tokyo

Last year we discovered the Puzzle house and today, again this house catch our attention.With more clear pictures and few more details.House NA is an unconventional residence located in Tokyo. It was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects for a young couple. It’s a 915 square foot house but it’s not the size that makes it special. House NA is transparent and this distinguishes it from any other residence in the area or anywhere else in the world. It’s a new concept and a new interpretation of the typical concrete house.

What’s also interesting is the fact that the house features 21 individual floor plates and they are all situated at different heights. This allows the owners to feel like living within a tree. The house looks like a whole because of its uniform design. The entire structure is transparent and this brings everything together. However, it includes several separate rooms and each one of them has its own design and character. Even though it’s transparent, the house also has private areas.

The great advantage of having a transparent house is that the views are amazing. There aren’t any walls or solid structures to obstruct the views and everywhere you look you can see everything. Even though there are many different levels, eventual guests can freely spread around and still manage to be in touch with each other. The floor plates have sizes varying from 21 to 81 square feet and they are linked by stairs and ladders. The white steel frame of the house adds brightness and the white-tinted birch flooring for chosen for the same reason. In case private is needed, curtains were installed for the partitions.

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