Unbelievable transformation from a traditional house to a modern residence

This is a modern and impressive residence that was designed by SUE Architects and photographed by Katharina Reckendorfer. Katharina usually works with portraits and fashion so photographing a house is not something she does on a regular basis. Nevertheless, she managed to capture the charm and character of this residence and to make it the star of her photos.

The residence is a modern building with a compact design and a rather misleading exterior. Before it was renovated by SUE Architects, the house used to look like a typical traditional structure. It was, in fact, quite boring. Its owners decided to make a change and asked this talented team of architects for help. A lot of changes had to be made in order to achieve the final results that you see in the pictures. The internal structure of the house had to be rearranged. Some of the walls were demolished and the rooms were opened up in order to create a more modern design.

The results of the renovation are very beautiful. Who would have known that the original house had such great potential? Of course, the photographer deserves some admiration as well. Katharina managed to capture the whole transformation process and to show us the road from old to new, from traditional to modern. The before pictures are very important and help us see the difference between the two designs and thus appreciate more the final results.What do you think about this huge renovation?

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