Ultra Tiny House in Colorado

We have presented several tiny house until now but this one is probably is smallest one yet. This house is literary tiny. It’s located in Hartsel, Colorado and it belongs to Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller. They have been living in it for only three months but they already consider it their home. The house measures only 127 square feet.

The couple really loved the location. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado and is situated 100 miles southwest from Denver. The house, even though it’s extremely small, is very cozy and sustainable. It might be small but it’s their home and this is all that matters.

Christopher is a filmmaker and graphic designer and has always been in love with the idea of owning a house near the mountains. He always considered this a dream that would never come true until the possibility of actually having a house in a beautiful area came up.

The couple decided to build their own home from scratch. They visited several blogs for inspiration and agreed on a final design. Then they gathered salvaged materials and started building their own house. For now it’s just a getaway for them but they wish to someday turn it into their permanent home. For that the house would have to be a lot bigger. The couple is determined to continue working on their project and to make their dream of having a cozy house with mountain views come true.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

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