Ultra modern FB house in Brazil

This is an amazing building that boasts contemporary urban spirit along with rural breezes and balconies. A myriad of roof slopes and angles have been used beautifully to enhance the amazing structure of the building that encompasses twelve hundred and fifty square meter of space. A huge open area is provisioned at the back of the building which is perfect for holding partied where wood can be burned in the oven and timeless memories be created. It is doubtless that the building is one of a kind and boasts a myriad of amazing elements.

It’s a very impressive building. The architecture is amazing. It has a very strange and shocking shape. It’s definitely a modern design. The geometrical shapes have been used all over this place, starting with the structure and continuing with the interior design, that maintains the same modern and impressive look. But it’s a nice balance between the strange and odd exterior design and the simplicity of the white colors used to pain the entire structure. This makes it stand out even more and it gives an elegant and sophisticated look to this whole place.


It’s definitely a very beautiful and interesting building, and it’s located in a very beautiful area too, with beautiful landscape and surroundings. It’s the perfect combination.{João Diniz Arquitetura and pic from leonardofinotti}

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