UK Seed Cathedral for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo

The 2010 World Expo which is to be held in Shanghai, China on May 1, 2010 will be the largest World Expo in the history ever since it began in 1851. At the event, UK wants to make its presence felt and hence it hired the services of Heatherwick Studio to design the Seed Cathedral. With the Seed Cathedral, the studio wants to create an atmosphere of admiration, respect and worship about the collection of the world’s botanical resources.

There will be more than 200 pavilions from different countries and the show will see close to 70 million visitors until October 31. Therefore, UK wants to be noticed amongst the lot and hence the Seed Cathedral is being designed. With this Seed taking centre stage at the UK Pavilion, it intends to express British creativity and environmental engagement at the gala event. The Seed in itself is a huge structure as it is 20 meters tall and it is formed from 60,000 slender transparent fiber optic rods.

This is the most abstract and beautiful structures ever built. It’s an homage to botanic and

It really inspires admiration and amazement. I imagine that it took a long time to complete this structure, but the results are the ones desired. So if you don’t have the possibility to go visit this place in person, at least you get to take a look at it on the internet. It’s a very beautiful and very impressive structure.

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