Ufogel – The Ultimate Vacation Getaway With A Multi-Functional Living Space

Ufogel is a vacation house located in Austria and it can be rented. It sits in a very beautiful region with wonderful views but this is not its defining feature. The most interesting thing about the house is its form. It has a geometric design with irregular lines and it resembles numerous things depending on the angle you’re seeing it from.

The compact house is almost entirely made of larch wood. It has a sculptural structure and it’s more of a sculpture than a standard building. With a total surface of 484 square feet, the interior of the house is inviting, comfortable and surprisingly familiar-looking given the unusual design.

As you enter, you find a multi-functional living space that also includes the kitchen. The large windows let in natural light and create a strong connection with the outdoors and with the panoramic views. Because the structure is mostly made of wood, the atmosphere inside is very warm and cozy.

Thanks to the large windows, the barrier between the indoors and the outdoors is blurry and thus you can enjoy the beauty of the outside area while sitting comfortably inside. The interior design is simple and this gives it a modern feel but the wood also offers it a rustic touch.

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