Two stunning vacation houses on the sunny coast of Mexico

Everyone needs some time off every once in a while. It’s why having a vacation house is so marvelous. You can get away for a while, relax and forget about all your problems. It all comes so natural when that vacation home looks like this.

These are actually two holiday houses located in Mexico, in Todos Santos. They were designed by Jorje Garcia from Garcia Studio and they share similar structures and layouts. Both houses were built with carefully chosen materials that can withstand hurricanes and harsh weather conditions. Another concern when building the house was making sure they require minimum maintenance. All of these factors were taken into consideration and the architect came up with a simple and very beautiful design that allows the houses to blend in and to become part of the landscape while also offering the inhabitants all the comfort they need.

One of the houses is used by the owner and his family while the second one is rented during the holiday season. They both share a similar structure and floor plan and they have flexible interior designs. The materials and techniques used for the project are a mixture of modern elements and traditional Mexican influences.

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