Two-story penthouse apartment in Taiwan

The Lai Residence was a project developed by PMK+Designers. It’s a modern apartment located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan with a simple and functional design. The two-story penthouse apartment is a reflection of the architects’ desire to integrate elements reminiscent of the building’s architecture, the spirituality and its effect into everyday life and the concept or urban living. The result was this modern apartment with a casual but elegant look.

The apartment was designed for a young couple and their recently newborn daughter. The couple wanted their home to be simple and most of all functional. They wanted it to incorporate elements from the contemporary and industrial styles. The apartment has two levels. The first floor contains a large social area that can be used for cooking, dining, socialization, entertainment but also relaxation. It’s a space where the owners can spend time as a family.

This social area features large glass windows with views of the surrounding landscape. The windows are also a means of creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces and a connection with the outdoor world. The second floor of the apartment contains the semi-private master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom. On the same level there’s also a private study. The overall modern look of the apartment is given by the owners’ choice in terms of furniture, color and texture but also because of the materials used that include wood, concrete and metal along with lots of glass.{found on contemporist}.

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