Two story contemporary village home in Portugal

Usually, people prefer to live in big houses, with a beautiful view when waking  up every morning. But I say usually, because for example, here we have a pattern of house designed to be completely isolated by the rest of the world, with no other view  than the high fences surrounding the construction. Lisbon-based studio ARX Portugal Arquitecto has designed the House in Juso, a project in collaboration with Stefano Riva. Completed in 2009, this 1.830 square feet, two story contemporary home is located in the village of Aldeia de Juso, southwest Portugal, the tiniest area of flat land.

About this house, I think it looks like a box if it’s viewed by profile. Because of the obsession of expanding the living space, designers created a house which communicates with the exterior through several ways, but also the exterior is part of the interior. The small courtyard has only a stretch of grass, the only colored spot from the whole land surface, but also a beautiful swimming pool where you can enjoy sunlight in the privacy. This minimalist black and white home is built using cold materials, like concrete, steel, glass and marble, but the existent wooden furniture and doors really help creating a living space, a place where a family can enjoy spending time together with their friends.

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About the floors and rooms, I can specify the fact that the main entrance is from  the basement, where it is also the living room. Above, we can see a fully equipped kitchen, and spacious bedrooms. Do not think that this house is completely isolated by the civilization. On the roof level, we can see an accessible terrace finally liberating the eye over 360° view of the surrounding houses, the sea and the beautiful mountains of Sintra.



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