Two story contemporary home made out from concrete,wood and glass

It is amazing how some people have the opportunity to live in such magnificent places where can enjoy every single second looking at the beautiful landscape. Austrian studio K_M Architektur has designed the Wohnhaus Am Walensee project precisely to let the owners blend with the nature. Completed in 2007, this two story contemporary home is located in Unterterzen,  a small village on Walensee lake, one of the largest lakes in Switzerland.

The slope of the green meadow allowed the architects design the entire construction in an unique way, creating a floating area surrounded by wild nature. The imposing mountain reflected in the lake’s crystal clear water is the main piece in the whole project where the house is only a small element in the landscape. Its clear shape is realized precisely not to disturb the view but rather to be included in it.

The house is made of concrete, glass and wood as structural materials, and on the roof there are photovoltaic panels which produce most of the energy for the house together with a stove from the living room.

Inside, most of the rooms are directed to the beautiful view, each of them having sliding glass doors as high as the chamber itself on the side of the façade.  Wooden floors and ceilings are almost everywhere because this material creates a warm atmosphere in this simple decorated space. The kitchen has a different decorating theme; here the owners preferred modern furniture and stainless steel appliances, in contrast with the rest of the house. Of course, this house wouldn’t be complete without a terrace, a place perfect to take breakfast in the early mornings, when the sun is still behind the mountain.

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