Two-story boat dock in Lake Austin

The Shore Vista project was a creation of Bercy Chen Studio. The team was asked to design a two-story boat dock. The dock is located on a bend in Lake Austin, in Texas, USA, across from Canyonland Nature Preserve. The site is relatively small and it has an almost elliptical shape. This was not an inconvenient but rather a bonus. This way the dock offers maximized views of the lake and the surrounding landscape.

The dock is a two-level structure and it features a simple and clean design. It was already a structure that provided expansive and very beautiful views of the hills beyond and the lake. Moreover, the rounded edges of the dock peel away thus allowing more of the landscape to be captures into the visual frame. Since the dock itself presented a round structure, the stairway that allows access to the upper level undulates and follows the dock’s shape.

The upper level is surrounded by glass protective structures. They provide a certain protection to the user but in the same time they don’t obstruct the views because they are mad of clear glass. A small waterfall can be created from the upper level and it fall down without affecting the rest of the structure. The dock has been equipped with cozy swing chairs and it seems like a very beautiful and peaceful structure, a place where you can go when you want to be alone. Of course, this wasn’t the main purpose.

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