Two Storey Single Family Residence by BAAN Design

Located near Genesee Park on Lake Washington and designed by BAAN Design, this house has gorgeous views over the lake. The residence was design to  maximize those views. Even the enclosed private backyard hardly depends on them. Glazed walls around the living area allows you to catch the views of the lake through the house while seating in this backyard. Personally I like the windows and doors which are thermally broken aluminum with a custom double hinged pivot wood doors located at the front entrance.


The whole house is beautiful, not to mention modern. And we already know that modern is unusually best expressed by simplicity. That’s exactly what this house is all about. The simplicity defines everything.






The exterior is painted is a very nice neutral tone that allows it to integrate in the surroundings without looking like a colorful Christmas tree in the middle of the desert. It has a lot of glass features so that the users can enjoy the outside beauty without leaving the house.


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