Two-Storey Residence With a Contemporary Design in Uruguay

The Psicomagia Residence is a contemporary home located in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. The residence was designed by Punta Del Este-based Estudio Martin Gomez Arquitectos and it was completed in 2009. The building is a two-storey structure with a contemporary design. It was designed in two volumes.

The first volume is a services area and is overlooking Ruta 10 while the second one features views of the garden, the pool and the sea. The residence has two levels. On the ground floor are located the bedrooms. There are three of them and they are all stylish and airy, with a contemporary interior décor. The first floor includes the social areas and features panoramic views of the Punta Piedras beach. The two volumes of the property are facing each other and they are connected on the ground floor by a terrace. This serves as a transition area between the two volumes.

The volume that includes the services areas is a compact heavy block-like structure. The second volume is more open and transparent. It includes the social areas and features views of the sea. It also includes a large terrace. The first floor features a stylish dining area that open onto a second terrace. The social areas feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls that let in plenty of natural light while also providing unobstructed views of the surrounding building and the sea. The whole idea of combining two very different volumes is unusual but also very functional. This way the areas are efficiently divided according to their use and each space has its definite function.

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