Two-storey contemporary home in Colombia

Simple, contemporary and dreamy. These are the first three words that came to my mind when I first saw the next house. I may say I literary felt in love with it. It was like love at first sight and I still suffer knowing this dreamy home is not mine. Its simplicity makes is very modern and gives a youthful spirit. The luxury makes you feel special and privileged and the comfort makes you feel you never want to live the house. You have everything you want in it. Instead of going out, call over some friends and have the time of your life.

The house is projected by GM Arquitectos. This is a design studio from Colombia. The house is also located in Colombia, to be more exact, in Girardot. The architects named the house GM1 House which makes this building a symbol of their company. It is understandable why they did that, as long as the house is a real masterpiece and a product that anyone would be proud of. The building has two stores, the floor store being more an open terrace than an interior space. That’s why you can reach the upper floor by some exterior stairs.

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The opened terrace is modern and high tech furnished and reaches a large pool where you can spend your hot days. The interiors are also very modern and comfortable and spacious. With the large clear windows you will feel inside like outside too. And that’s desirable as long as the landscape is astonishing.



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