Two parallel volumes house in Cerro Azul, Peru

Metaphorically speaking, I think this house looks like a ship stuck in a sand dune which stays there for a long period of time. Of course, that ship would be rusty and old, not like this unusual, minimalist house that seems to float above the ground. Looking at that lighting pillar below the house, I hope you’ll make an image about how high is positioned the whole construction.

Located in Lomas del Mar beach in Cerro Azul, Peru, 120 Km south of Lima, this amazing house named Casa Playa Las Lomas I-05 was designed by Vértice Arquitectos. It has a 180° view to the Pacific Ocean to the south, and a panoramic view of the beach to the east and to the north. Before starting the whole project, the architects have proposed one main objective: to fully exploit the best possible view to the ocean from the social area, as well as from the master bedroom.

The materials used in the project have been: exposed concrete, white paintings for the walls, stainless steel, tempered glass and granite stone to cover the base on which the volumes rest. The volumes have a main circulation axis which ends in a swimming pool overlooking the beach; the first volume is located on the left side of the entrance, where most of the bedrooms are, and the second one, to the right has the social and service areas in the first floor. Inside, we can see simple decorations, a minimalist style. Cold materials create a chilly atmosphere and a perfect place to rest, while outside on the terrace there is the perfect place for entertaining.

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