Two Levels Hidden House in London

Located in London, England, the Hidden House has a very suggestive name. It was built in between existing buildings and it’s using what could be called the leftover space of the city. So it’s not actually hidden but squeezed by the other buildings. Also, given its unusual location, the architects decided to take the concept even further and they made this a very intimate space. The Hidden House was a project by Teatum+Teatum and it was built in 2012.

Even if the owners didn’t really have much to choose from when looking for a piece of land to build their new home on, they managed, with the help of the architects, to take full advantage of this space. The house seems to be completely detached from everything that’s on around it, it’s like it turned its back to the city.

Structurally, the Hidden House was organized on two levels. It’s designed around a 7 meter high internal light well surrounded by the living spaces. The communal and private spaces overlap and connect and they become part of one another. Since the façade of the house is a compact black wall with no openings other than the entrance door, the interior is illuminated through skylights and bring in natural light. The central light well also contributes to that. The entrance features steel butterfly doors that have been laser cut to reflect the pattern of rain on a cold window. Light is allowed to pass through these small openings and that creates an interesting image from the inside.{pics by Lyndon Douglas}.

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