Two Glass Facades Open House M To The Danube Valley Views

Built on a slope in Linz, Austria, House M impresses with its extreme simplicity. The structure is shaped like a cube and measures 12 x 12 meters with a total living space of 112 square meters. It was designed by Caramel Architekten and completed in 2007.

The private location allowed the architects to open the house to its surroundings and to design it with two transparent glass facades. The mesmerizing views of Danube Valley invade the interior spaces, offering them a stunning look. The south-facing part of the house overlooks a terrace with a large swimming pool as an extension.

The house was built using prefabricated insulated panels which cover the concrete floor. From an economical standpoint, this makes the house a highly desirable project, easy to build and also aesthetically beautiful.

By building the house as far into the north-eastern corner of the site as allowed, this ensues a hermetic appearance and also prevents the neighbors from looking inside. A great way to gain privacy and to maximize the panoramic views. The house opens itself to the south and west and the light illuminates the interior until late in the evening. Overall, a very balanced and efficient design.

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