Twist minimalist house by Randy Brown Architects

This minimalist residence is located in Omaha, United States. It was a project developed by Randy Brown Architects. It’s a modern house with minimal detailing. It was built for a young doctor and his family. The clients wanted to have a home that would represent their sense of style and personal desires.

The house is located in a recently developed suburban neighborhood so the modern design does not represent a problem. The owners also wanted their house to naturally blend into the neighborhood. They still needed to utilize modern design techniques. In the end everything turned out just the way the owners wanted it.

The part of the house facing the street has solid walls and very small and few windows. However, on the rear of the house there’s a very nice and secluded courtyard space. The owners created there a very pleasant outdoor terrace where everyone can have some quiet and relaxing time while also enjoying the freshness of open spaces.

Also, the kitchen and living room are located adjacent to the courtyard, providing a beautiful view. The back of the house features large floor-to-ceiling windows, perfect for a modern home. Other characteristics of this house are the sloped roofs, slate shingles, 60% masonry exterior, as well as a 3 car garage.

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