Tuscan Farmhouse Blends a Historic Structure with Easy Modern Luxury

A rustic exterior that exudes authentic Tuscan style encompasses a renovated interior full of relaxed luxury and ease. This Italian farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside is the perfect marriage of tradition and cosmopolitan living, designed for effortless living and entertaining.

Tuscan Farmhouse

Designed by Studio Svetti Architecture in collaboration with architects Martina Nocentini and Francesco Gailli, the 650-square foot home in Arezzo reflects the rich traditions and culture of the region. Castiglion Fiorentino is owned by a man who is the creative force behind a well-known jewelry company who wanted the house to respond to the original extravagance that drives his style choices in his goldsmithing work.  

Based on those desires, the Studio conceived the design, whose interiors are elegant and sophisticated. The spaces characterized by the materiality of the structures, from the lime walls to the sandblasted and waxed beams, and complemented by the carefully selected objects within. Among the pieces included in the home are many limited edition pieces of furniture designed by Studio Svetti Architecture for the RUDE collection. 

Nowhere in the home is relaxed luxury more expertly displayed than in the ground floor living room. At the center of the space sits the spectacular circular sofa, which is also a limited edition piece. Low care plantings and pops of color derived from the countryside create a lively and unfussy interior. The hues used are brighter than the typical colors associated with Tuscan style and thus avoid being cliché. 

Perhaps the most surprising element in the home is the garden wall that highlights the dining area. The vertical wall of stabilized greenery is the perfect background for the stunning dining table that features a custom cappuccino marble top designed by the studio. Here and elsewhere throughout the home, lighting is by Graziella Smart Technology.

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Another more casual dining space is centered around a solid cedar wood table with a finished wax and ash top, whose manufacturing was rediscovered in a local craftsman’s workshop. It’s paired with low-profile slipcovered chairs and a few accessories instead of a major centerpiece. The overall space is quite neutral and extremely textural, with pops of color coming from just a few bright turquoise elements.

In another area, there are also twin lacquered consoles with inserts crafted from metal. These have a very edgy look thanks to the spiked studs that outline the piece. Alongside is a very artful chair that is lit from within, adding a very unexpected look to the space. 

The minimalist kitchen, which is completely clad in marble, features a suspended peninsula and everything a home chef might want. The contrast in the kitchen is amazing because the modern design and conveniences are set inside the original rustic interior, visible in the beams and bricks of the ceiling.

The home also has a secondary basement kitchen that can be used for entertaining preparations, especially when hosting a larger crowd. It was created by Del Tongo Industrie SpA.

The massive fireplace sits inside a beautiful stone wall and is the perfect spot for a pool table. Twin mirrored cabinets flank the fireplace and serve as ideal bar stations in this game spot. Again, just a touch of rich color helps bring out the earthy tones of the wood and stone.

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The bedrooms are a similar fusion of modern technology, relaxed comfort and rustic elements. As in other spaces, the ceiling provides the historic theme. Here, the bedroom’s external walls are entirely covered by light and airy drapes, which provide privacy but also allow some light to filter in. This technique creates a unified look that would otherwise be broken up by the windows, which are a bit small. The space also has a countertop running the width of the room, allowing for a workspace. There’s also enough room for a sitting area.


The same strategy of using drapes to cover at least one full wall was used in the other bedrooms as well. In one case, a rustic wall at the head of the bed is stenciled with the shadow of a global map. The room’s decor is a magnificent combination of modern casual and effortless rustic style that is often very hard to achieve. 

Outside, the farmhouse retains its original charm and is surrounded by native plantings and landscaping. the pool area is incorporated into the property with a surround that includes natural-looking stone and pavers spaced with ground cover. Together with the impeccably designed interiors,  this package is the ultimate Tuscan luxury home.

Image from Francesca Pagliai.



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