Turn a 1900′s terrace house into a contemporary oasis in Sydney

Sydney is not the capital of Australia, but it is the biggest city in that country. So many people live there and the city grows every year. That explains why every piece of land is very important and valuable, since Australia is mainly deserted inside anyway. No wonder people try to use every inch of ground and many homes are developed vertically instead of horizontally like in other parts of the world. This Rozelle Terrace house by Carter Williamson Architects is cleverly designed and looks incredible, managing to also have a bit of a terrace with grass and stone steps.

If you see the house from the outside it looks incredibly small, between another house and a stone wall. However, when looking at the pictures describing the interior, you will see how space is carefully used, making the most of it. The best example is the fact that they painted all the walls in white, creating the impression of space and also the way in which they organized the space below the stairs. There are a lot of stairs because there are two levels to the house and these stairs are well fixed in the wall, seeming to float. But underneath they arranged the TV stand and the wardrobe and also a lot of storing closets that are very well arranged against the walls in order to save space.

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The bathroom is also white and beautifully tucked in what seems to be the attic and all the things in it are perfectly sized for a small , but well equipped bathroom. The ground floor is used as an open space used for a  combination of purposes, as it serves as a living room, but also dining room and is separated from the space outside by big walls and windows.

The white bedroom has black and white pictures on the wall and this makes it look at least interesting. Even the terrace outside is very well designed and using every bit of space available, as it succeeds having both grass and stone and a nice arrangement of plants in a just a few meters of space. Beautiful job from Carter Williamson Architects.



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