Tucson Mountain Retreat by DUST design

This mountain retreat is designed by Jesus Robles, Dale Rush and Cade Hayes from DUST design. This house is meant for a small family of three members. If you want to reach this house, then you must walk through the dense forest of saguaros, ocotillo and Paloverde trees. This small masion is divided into four zones that are the  living spaces, the sky terrace, the sleeping spaces and the guestroom. This house has a rammed earth wall that provides the house with a good thermal mass and also helps to control humidity.

Tucson Mountain Retreat by DUST design10

The structure also contains two bedrooms, a guest room and a fully functional music playing and recording space. So it’s not that small after all. This house has a wonderful interior but it is not yet completed. It will be completed during the late 2010. This is a wonderful house for a small nuclear family.

This is a perfect place to live. The house provides you with a very beautiful visual treat. It integrates in a very natural way into the landscape, creating a nice organic view. It would make a very nice family home, that is when the owner will complete building it.


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