Tropical Brazilian Leaf House

Brazil is a wonderful, exotic country which everybody heard about its famous samba carnivals from Rio de Janeiro or its well known football players like Ronaldo and others.

Here you may find the most famous samba schools in the world and the sparkling costumes of the dancers and their movements which will take your breath away.Outside of Rio de Janeiro, on a beautiful, small beach, it is a little house. Its roof looks like a beautiful exotic flower or more exactly like a tropical banana leaf.

It is a spacious building, designed by Mareines+ Patalano where you can  relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere . It has many verandas, open spaces and between rooms there are no corridors which will make it perfect for parties or other type of gatherings.Everything is spacious and you may enjoy the cool breez of the sea.

It is an eco building which natural ventilation for cooling has based on the open layout that takes advantage of the winds. The roof collects the rainwater for the use in the house and the interior of the building is naturally finished with wood, stone and natural fabrics. It will make you think of the beginnings the human kind when everything was natural and were used only natural materials.

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