Tree house made from reclaimed materials in Canada

Tree houses are something that everyone loves. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can always find something fun to do in the tree house. As an adult, you can also improve on its design. For example, this tree house belongs to Lynne Knowlton. It’s located in Durham, Ontario, Canada and it’s made entirely from reclaimed materials.

The tree house was built as a sanctuary, a small retreat right there near your home where you can go to relax and enjoy the views. The owner bought the materials for the tree house from a friend whose barn was destroyed by a tornado. The wood from the barn was then transferred to the site and then the building started. The roof also came from the barn. The design started with a simple and classic stilt tree house base. There are stairs that lead to a porch and into the house located on the same site.

This is actually more like a tree mansion. Inside there’s plenty of room for a kitchenette, a table, some chairs, a wooden stove and a sleeping area upstairs. The materials from the barn were great but not enough so the owner also had to take the rest from friends. The interior is also made from reclaimed materials.

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For example, the kitchenette counter is made from an old tree and the old stove comes from the owners’ old house. The porcelain sink comes from a neighbor’s yard. The tree house is a wonderful retreat where the owner often like to spend time, relax,, sleep and feel in close connection with nature. It’s like having a vacation each time to go there.



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