Transparency, cleanliness and harmony in the Madison House from La Quinta

Perched on a knoll in La Quinta, California, the Madison House has a wonderful location with great views and beautiful landscape surrounding it from all directions. But it’s not the exterior that gives it an edge. The house also has a wonderful interior design. It’s very transparent and open and this allows it to establish a very strong and smooth connection with the outdoors.

The Madison House was designed by XTEN Architecture. It covers a total area of 10,650 square meters and it was completed in 2012. It impresses with its simple, modern design and with its delicacy despite the tough materials that were used in its design. Here, near Palm Springs, the atmosphere is very calm and tranquil and this house perfectly reflects that.

However, the climate is not exactly very friendly. The extreme desert conditions had to be taken into consideration when designing this project. It’s why the residence was designed to protect its users from the strong Northern winds.

The house opens along an East-West axis and has a marvelous indoor-outdoor living space as the star. The huge glass walls embrace the wonderful landscape, let light get through and provide beautiful views of the desert and the mountain. Structurally speaking, the house is composed of a series of freestanding volumes built in stone, concrete and oak.{found on archdaily}.

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