Traditional Wine Cellar Transformed Into A Contemporary Residence

This is Haus am Steinberg. It is now a contemporary residence located in Oberberg, Styria, Austria. It has a bright and chic interior with large windows and glass walls. But it didn’t always look like this. In fact, it wasn’t even a residence before the renovation.

The building used to be a wine cellar. It had a traditional design and it was used for agricultural purposes. But it came a time when the wine cellar was no longer useful so it got transformed into what is now a wonderful home. The transformation was a project by HoG Architektur. The historic building had to go through major changes in order to become suitable for living. Its structure was not exactly perfect for a home but the problem was solved by the architects.

Making this old wine cellar look modern was not an easy job. It was also difficult to make it feel warm and inviting, like a home should be. The original building had a gabled roof which has been preserved along with most of the original features. The goal was not to completely change the way the building looks like but to make its interior modern and inviting.

Several changes were necessary for the project. For example, the original basement floor doesn’t exist in the new home. The west side of the house now opens up and the roof has been modified in order to allow beautiful views and large windows. The house now opens to the landscape and feels much more inviting and airy. The large windows let in natural light and this completely changes the atmosphere inside.

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The exterior of the building has been pretty much preserved but we can’t say the same thing about the interior. Inside, the house looks very modern, with clean, sleek likes, a simple décor and elegant colors and accent features.{images by Wolfgang Silveri}.



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