Traditional house in California featuring a grandiose design

Traditional houses have a very charming way of standing out. They charm us with their history and, although they often look conservative, they manage to impress us with their unique beauty each and every time. But let’s focus on specifics. This house is located in the Pacific Palisades area in California.

As you can easily notice, the architecture and overall design of the house are traditional. This includes the color palette, the materials used, the finishes and all the little things which give character to a space. The house sits on a big corner lot and occupies an area of approximately 4,200 square feet. It’s a very spacious family home with a big and beautiful kitchen, a large family room where everyone can gather and interact as well as several other bright and elegant rooms.

The interior design of the house is actually pretty simple and not that ornate. Three fireplaces ensure a warm and inviting ambiance. In total, there are four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. There’s also a breakfast room and a garage for two cars. The whole structure is grandiose and impressive but also reminiscent of simpler times.

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