Traditional chalet exterior with a modern interior

A typical chalet is usually made only from wood, with small windows and open areas to preserve the heat inside. Well, there is nothing typical about this amazing chalet. Located in the St. Martin de Belleville in the French Alps, this 530 square meter chalet was completed in December 2011 by designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. This three storey construction has also an additionally detached 100 square meter barn area which works as a guest house with two bedrooms, two lounge areas and two bathrooms.

The chalet is built according to the mountain landscape. So, there is a lot of local stone in the resistance structure and exterior walls in the same tones as the mountain’s rock; the wooden roof and balconies are the elements that give warmth to the entire construction. Inside, the house is decorated mostly in gray tones, with a few wooden beams that help not having industrial, dull spaces.


The entire program, construction and interior architecture are all built around the focal point of the chalet- a large room where the family comes together around a warm hearth, located on the top floor. Most of the walls are covered with stone tiles, so they create an amazing look when are combined with minimalist paintings.

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The living room is the place where the entire family can spend time having fun. Minimalist pieces of furniture, combined with modern decorations and an amazing view make from this place the perfect place for a family. The rest of the house is decorated in neutral tones, a combination of wood, stone and concrete that gives the impression of having a modern, futuristic home, not a modern chalet.{pics by Vincent Leroux}.



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